what not to order: Nobu nyc edition

nobu nyc

On the flip side of last entry’s bargain find, here’s a tip for what not to do at the famed Nobu restaurant  chain if you’re a poor college student: order sushi.

Two rolls for $20 may not seem too steep, considering it is such a highly-appraised Japanese restaurant, but really, the portions were meager and the taste nothing special.

If you’re going aiming for $20 or under, there are several options on the cold and hot dishes menu (try the sashimi salad, if you’re craving raw fish, I sampled a friend’s, and it was delicious), although the portion sizes are really tailored for ordering more than one item.

Then again, if you’re aiming for $20 or under, why eat at Nobu?

Note: bad marks for the waiter who kept nagging us with a “Is that all you’re going to order?”…we’re college students, not investment bankers.

if you go (don’t order sushi!):

Nobu 57

40 West 57 Street

New York, NY 10019

phone 212.757.3000


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  2. Yup, was quite disappointed in Nobu in general. Had a pre fix dinner there and you got it, the sushi was the worse part. Rice was not cooked right (way, way off), and was not seasoned right at all. I guess you pay for their Tribecca rent!

    of course, apart from flavor, their presentation is great…. but I guess that’ doesn’t really much.


    • Posted by numnumnum on June 23, 2011 at 10:06 pm

      Agreed. Rice is so essential to sushi. I went to Tokyo over winter break, and it was astounding how much of a difference well cooked rice makes! Even “cheap” sushi beat out American sushi made with the priciest seafood in taste because of it.


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