Sura Thai Kitchen, nyc

sura thai kitchen, nyc

Three coffee drinks, 4 hours of sleep, 6 hours of testing and one giant sigh of relief later, finals week is finally over! (And on a more bittersweet note, so is freshman year of college. It’s hard to believe how life has changed since last May…so much has happened, and it’s definitely been tough at times, but I wouldn’t trade my experiences (or new friends!) for anything.)

Sleep, the beach, books, an internship in Soho (!), a nice clean kitchen, free time, old friends, new friends, family… yep, there’s a lot to look forward to. Here’s to summer!

Anyway, back to blogging…

sura thai kitchen, nyc

Thai food may well be one of my favorite cuisines. Savory, sweet, and spicy, fragrant with lemongrass, basil, and lime, it’s far from your boring meat-and-potatoes. Thankfully, New York City is full of Thai restaurants, and even better, many of them offer “lunch specials” for just $10 or less, great for college students on a budget.

Take, for example, Sura Thai Kitchen, a great little place with a modern flair between 100th and 101st street, just a few blocks down from Columbia. For just $8, you get to choose from one appetizer and one entrée from a generous list. Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee will set you back only a dollar more (a great deal, considering it can cost around $3 a glass full price!).

For lunch today, I had the beautifully plated Virgin Summer Roll, filled with veggies and sprinkled with peanuts and a savory sauce, and the Thai Basil, Sunny Side up Egg entrée. It turned out to be a spicy stir-fry of peppers, onions, basil and tofu (you have a choice of meat or tofu, I went for the vegetarian) topped with a fried egg, and served with white rice. A great venture out from the usual Pad Thai (although C got that, and it was delicious too). The only complaint I had was that some pieces of tofu had a very slight soured taste, but only a true tofu-maniac would be able to detect it.

I may not be a Thai-food expert, just a fan, but the food was good and cheap, décor sleek, service prompt, and staff friendly. Worth a repeat in my book! (Plus, it got the approval from some friends from Bangkok.)

Sura Thai Urban Kitchen
2656 BROADWAY 100-101ST
NEW YORK, NY 10025


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