Sorry for the corny title, but is there really any better way to break the news?

Ch-ch-changes are coming in my life, mostly good ones. Namely, next Monday I will be packing my bags and heading up to the Big Apple for the next four years, as a student at Columbia University. I’m looking forward to it: new friends (and old ones! I’m lucky—3 of my best friends are also going to college in the City), new classes (and lots and lots of homework, but let’s not mention it), and independent living…it feels ready and right, the next step in a logical procession.

So what’s the bad news?

No kitchen. That’s right, no kitchen from September to May. And I don’t mean no kitchen in my suite (come on, it’s Manhattan!). I mean no kitchen in my whole dorm building. There’s a measly microwave on each floor, but that’s it. No oven, no stove, not even a toaster.

I’m getting a little antsy at the thought of it already. Baking, for me, is not only a creative outlet, but a stress reliever. I bake when I need a break from calculus and physics and French. I always bake to share, to make new friends and bond with old ones. Baking means a lot more to me than just measuring cups and flour. It’s an art, and art runs in my blood.

And yes, I also bake to blog. Although I mostly blog to bake. Which comes to the point I’m getting at—what will become of the blog? I’ve really enjoyed watching it grow, and I definitely want to continue. But with scarce equipment, it will definitely be difficult to cook as often as I do now. All I can do is hope for the best (my friend does have a kitchen in her suite), and try to update as often as I can. Expect to see more posts on other people’s food—perhaps restaurant reviews or just pictures (this is, after all, New York), maybe even some dining hall grub. Until then, I will continue to bake and blog, in these few days I have remaining.

À bientôt,



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