read it, bought it

With all the required reading they throw at you in school, I almost forgot how deliciously addictive leisure reading can be. That is until I picked up a copy of Andre Agassi’s biography, Open, at the library yesterday. It’s not the best autobiography/memoir I’ve ever read, but it is definitely captivating and especially interesting to me since I love watching the grand slams on tv and play a little tennis myself. I highly recommend taking a peek into this book if you want a look into the real, and devastatingly lonely, world of professional tennis.

On a side note, S and I went to the mall yesterday and discovered this cute little store, Francesca’s Collections, 10 minutes before closing time. (We have a habit of finding new stores just as we are about to leave.) It was adorable—reminiscent of Anthropologie, but everything was reasonably priced (although not dirt-cheap like forever 21), around $30 to $40. I couldn’t help but buy a folding strawberry bag from their piles of charming odds-and-ends. At only $3.50, this bag is fascinating and useful—it folds up into a little strawberry for easy storage!




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