Yesterday we (s, b, and I) devoted an entire day to food. It wasn’t Friday, it was Foodday.

First off, to the Maplewood Theater to see Julie and Julia.

Meryl Streep was excellent. Amy Adams was annoying. But I guess you can’t help but be annoying if you’re portraying a neurotic, whiny, purposeless, twenty-something woman. Anyway, it was a movie about FOOD BLOGGING.

Then we went to the Millburn Whole Foods, to eat at the attached restaurant, Osteria. The food was great and not too expensive, but there wasn’t much of an ambiance (it was more café than restaurant, and the exposed-pipe ceiling caused the room to be extremely echo-y).

My "Squash Gondolas" (squash stuffed with grains and roasted vegetables)

My "Squash Gondolas" (squash stuffed with grains and roasted vegetables)

B's "Fresh Local Tonarelli"

B's "Fresh Local Tonarelli"

S's "Crepe Manicotti"

S's "Crepe Manicotti"











After dinner, we let ourselves loose in the grocery store. How I love you Whole Foods, even though you are way beyond my budget.











We were so excited about this beautiful chocolate (except for B, who prefers vanilla) untill we realized that it wasn’t $6 a pound, it was $6 a piece.










They had a hydroponic greenhouse!!! I am a complete sucker for hydroponics.











Look at all that cool yogurt. I love yogurt.










They had macarons, too. But they didn’t look very fresh, so we passed on that. Besides, they misspelled macarons. Macarons are french confections, macaroons are made of coconut.













And I got the cutest Sigg bottle ever, just in time for tennis season. It’s Peter Rabbit themed, and soo cute it makes my teeth hurt.

Our Foodday coming to a close, we reluctantly left Whole Foods and headed for home, stopping for gelato in Westfield. That stop somehow turned into a three-hour sit on a bench outside of Westfield, watching the world pass by. Like Paris, but less classy. (I’ll spare you the pictures).

We stumbled home sometime around midnight.

3 responses to this post.

  1. that SIgg bottle is too cute for words.


  2. oops. SIGG. or Sigg. not SIgg. need more coffee…or new fingers.


  3. Posted by numnumnum on August 14, 2009 at 9:39 am

    i know. It cost me a whole freaking 20 bucks, too.


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